Brick Discoloration & Everything You Need to Know!

Many people are attracted to the classic aesthetics that bricks provide to their homes, either interior or exterior. It can be used for facades, fireplaces, side paneling, and even more. No matter how you choose it to be, it will always have that classic and sophisticated as well as a natural look.  

Masonry provides you a good structural built of bricks and the masonry Los Angeles has some of the most prominent and trusted masonry services you can ever have. According to these professional services, customers prefer bricks because it is elegant and durable, as well as sustainable. However, no materials are created perfectly. Brick can also wear over time, and one of the things that you would notice in an unmanaged and unmaintained masonry is discoloration. How does discoloration happen? What causes it? How can you prevent it? These questions are answered below.  

1.Salt – whenever you try to clean your brick with hard water, you are actually adding to the salt accumulation on the brick’s surface, corners, and hidden places. This is because hard water contains a tremendous amount of salt especially when the water has not undergone proper filtration or no filtration at all. There are two possible effects of too much salt on bricks. First, it can lead to water leaks as bricks are weakened due to the chemical composition of salt that negatively reacts to the brick materials. Second, another chemical reaction between salt, brick, and water forms efflorescence, which produces that crystalline salt deposits and white powder visible to the eyes.  

2.Molds – white molds are usually damaging agents of bricks. They can be initially difficult to spot as they can appear to be similar the white powder mixed with the crystalline salt deposits. While they can be easy to remove, they pose harm to anyone who has respiratory illness or allergy. It is better to contact a professional service and allow them to finish the job for you.  

3.Sun – your bricks are always exposed to the heat of the sun. While it is true that bricks are made ad produced through clay and heat, the sun contains harmful rays that actually damage the bricks. This is observed on some bricks that have their bright color red faded.  

4.Water – water can penetrate deeply into the corners and hidden posts of the bricks. When water gets penetrated, it can cause water leaks to your house. Also, the water can react to the brick’s materials as well as the natural salt found on the bricks.  

5.Corrosion – this might be caused by different factors such as faulty equipment, poor brickwork, improper bricklaying, and bad storage methods. Corrosion is characterized by the orange-color rusts stain that is visible to the eyes. Cleaning this on your own might pose problems and damage. You can call and hire your masonry for effective rust removal. 

Is it Necessary to Maintain the Bricks? 

Yes, it is Your brick’s quality will degrade if the bricks are left unrepaired and unfixed. It is necessary to clean and make it look new to protect the structural integrity of your wall as well as its aesthetics.  

Reasons Not To Bury Your Tree Stumps

Eliminating a mature tree is not an easy thing to do. You don’t only need to deal with the tree’s above-ground portion, but also a part of a tree that lies underground and you cannot see. For the amateurs, tree removal can be stressful. Because of this, a lot of tree owners consider hiring tree removal Chino Hills experts to get rid of dying or dead trees on their property. Although, due to the cost and difficulty involved with eliminating tree stumps, other people just let them be and refuse to eliminate them. Sure you can leave a stump to where it is. However, sooner or later. Within several years, it will eventually rot and be prepared to be eliminated. Sadly, other tree owners just opt to bury their tree stumps, which is a total mistake due to lots of reasons. Here are some of them: 

Insect attack 

Termites love feasting on rotten woods, particularly if that wood is entirely covered below the ground and far from the damaging rays of the sun. If you’ll bury a tree stump in a place where termites are prevalent, you are actually encouraging a series of circumstances that can lead your home to become infested by termites.  

Hence, rather than burying your tree stumps, it’s highly recommended for you to hire a stump grinding service or an arborist to eliminate it for you. Take note that it’s not only the stump that should be eliminated but also its roots, which can possibly be spread farther in any direction.  


Tree stumps can result in subsidence within the surrounding area and the soil that they are placed in. Because of this, arborists and tree specialists suggest having an entire stump removed together with the tree. With this, your only concern will be to make sure that you fill in the area left by the absent stump and its several meters of roots beneath the ground.  

But, if you consider burying your tree stump, it will keep on rotting below the ground, which can impact the structures close by. Moreover, when tree stumps rot, they can result in the formation of sinkholes in the ground over them. Even tiny sinkholes can be leg breakers, which can be a hazard if people won’t notice them in advance.  

So, if you cover up your tree stump, make sure to let others be reminded over the next couple of months and even years to not get too close to the area. The best option for you would be to just have it removed by a tree specialist to be safer than sorry.  

The next time you have a tree removed and plan to just bury its stump, make sure to consider the consequences for you and others. You can also consult your local jurisdiction regarding the ordinances or laws and then decide from it.  

You can also call a certified arborist near you and ask for a consultation about what you should do with your trees or stump. 

Beneficial Perks of Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree stumps are not just unattractive to look at, but they can also become a major safety threat. With stump grinding, it allows you to remove dead and dry stumps from fallen trees to enhance the entire look of your landscape as part of your yard maintenance method. Here are the advantages of having your tree stump grind and removed: 

Preventing stump sprouting 

If you fail to remove your tree stumps, it can immediately begin to grow and sprout again, leading to another expensive project of tree removal Ontario eventually. With stump grinding, this won’t occur once again. Both stump and roots are removed and entirely get rid of to make sure the redevelopment won’t happen and result in another problem again. Deciding to get the stump grounded after the tree is cut down can prevent more expenses along the line. With this, the problem is sufficiently resolved right the first time.  

Giving protection against disease and pests 

If your property has a dry tree stump, it can be getting unwanted pests or diseases. Insects and some vexation more likely reside in tree stumps, providing them enough time to settle and settle. By eliminating the stump, you can keep the disease from being spread to other trees close to the stump.  

Get rid of the inconvenience 

As you mow your lawn, tree stumps can get in the way. One needs to be very careful with directing around them because they can damage your mowing tools when you unintentionally collide into them. Fortunately, you can save lots of hassles and inconvenience by hiring a stump removal expert and get rid of your stump. 

Preventing unfortunate accidents  

Tree stumps can become a major trip hazard for anyone involved, especially for senior citizens and kids that may wind up hurt. Because of that, removing a stump isn’t just an important safety measure for yourself and family members, but it can also remove a potential accident related to stump. With stump removal, you can prevent paying for lots of money for the emergency bills. If somebody will be hurt within your property, you may be held responsible for the injuries that they have acquired.  

It improves the visual appeal and restores space 

A dead tree stump can provide you the exact opposite of a well-kept and neat yard, making it look neglected and unappealing. Eliminating such stumps can help improve your property’s visual look, which improves your property value. Aside from enhancing your landscape’s aesthetics, you should also think about the area especially if you own a small yard. Tree stumps can consume unsolicited areas in spaces that can be facilitated otherwise. With stump grinding, you can create more areas below and above the ground. 

No matter what your goal is, stump grinding and removal would be the greatest answer for your concern. But, you cannot effectively do that without the help of the experts. So, make sure to choose a reputable tree expert who is trained to do such a job.