If you are already living in your dream house with everything you could ask for like tall trees, stunningly green lawn, and a white picket fence. However, as a property owner, such things don’t stay in great condition and shape all the time. You have to keep up your trees to prevent risking a messy yard and the safety hazards it’s associated with. In this article, we will discuss your great tree trimming tips for property owners. 

Look for deformed branches 

Not only do malformed branches look bad, but they can put the structural integrity of your trees at risk as well. When your tree seems like it’s developing in a weird shape, you have to have it corrected with the help of strategic trimming from the experts. Commonly, you can determine that there is a malformed and weak area once the branches look twisted and sagging. Guarantee to prune these types of branches before they result in damage and fall off.  

Do regular leaves checkup 

Similar to human beings, if you can see a disease or infection early enough, you can have it removed before it can impact other portions of the tree. Whenever you are outdoors, try to check the leaves of your trees. When you can observe that they’re already discolored, prematurely falling off, or have accumulated fungal development, then this may be indicators of disease. You should not just cut such tree parts off, but you also have to apply a fungicide if necessary. At times, the infection could become so extreme that it feasts from its leaves to the branches. When this happens, you will have to cut off the area that’s greatly affected.  

Prune your trees before they become massive 

You should never wait until your trees become too large for you to trim and prune them. Otherwise, it’s already quite late to do that. They can cause safety problems and they are not extremely attractive to look at. When you wait until your trees are overgrown, the trimming and pruning you do will only harm them because you will be needing to eliminate most of their structure. If this is the case, it will only cause your trees to be stressed out. Once you cut off any part of your tree, it’s as if you are wounding a person. Hence, the more you trim and prune their limbs off, the more susceptible to bacteria and fungi your trees are. This will just boost the possibility of your trees getting disease and infection.  

Prune every year in dormant seasons 

Basically, you need to have your trees pruned in seasons when they are in a dormant state—commonly during the winter and/or fall season—when they have lost their entire leaves. Because there are not big leave clumps to cope with, it can be simpler to trim off its branches.  

You have to get your trees inspected by an expert tree specialist at least once a year for you to immediately detect some underlying issues that it may be having without you knowing it. Contact us today and use the best professional tree service Dothan AL.