Eliminating a mature tree is not an easy thing to do. You don’t only need to deal with the tree’s above-ground portion, but also a part of a tree that lies underground and you cannot see. For the amateurs, tree removal can be stressful. Because of this, a lot of tree owners consider hiring tree removal Chino Hills experts to get rid of dying or dead trees on their property. Although, due to the cost and difficulty involved with eliminating tree stumps, other people just let them be and refuse to eliminate them. Sure you can leave a stump to where it is. However, sooner or later. Within several years, it will eventually rot and be prepared to be eliminated. Sadly, other tree owners just opt to bury their tree stumps, which is a total mistake due to lots of reasons. Here are some of them: 

Insect attack 

Termites love feasting on rotten woods, particularly if that wood is entirely covered below the ground and far from the damaging rays of the sun. If you’ll bury a tree stump in a place where termites are prevalent, you are actually encouraging a series of circumstances that can lead your home to become infested by termites.  

Hence, rather than burying your tree stumps, it’s highly recommended for you to hire a stump grinding service or an arborist to eliminate it for you. Take note that it’s not only the stump that should be eliminated but also its roots, which can possibly be spread farther in any direction.  


Tree stumps can result in subsidence within the surrounding area and the soil that they are placed in. Because of this, arborists and tree specialists suggest having an entire stump removed together with the tree. With this, your only concern will be to make sure that you fill in the area left by the absent stump and its several meters of roots beneath the ground.  

But, if you consider burying your tree stump, it will keep on rotting below the ground, which can impact the structures close by. Moreover, when tree stumps rot, they can result in the formation of sinkholes in the ground over them. Even tiny sinkholes can be leg breakers, which can be a hazard if people won’t notice them in advance.  

So, if you cover up your tree stump, make sure to let others be reminded over the next couple of months and even years to not get too close to the area. The best option for you would be to just have it removed by a tree specialist to be safer than sorry.  

The next time you have a tree removed and plan to just bury its stump, make sure to consider the consequences for you and others. You can also consult your local jurisdiction regarding the ordinances or laws and then decide from it.  

You can also call a certified arborist near you and ask for a consultation about what you should do with your trees or stump.